Big oil worried about low gas prices but

Americans need a break in gas prices.  Give us time.  We are not use to low gas prices, therefore we aren’t use to buying more and driving farther.  But give us time and we will adjust and demand will follow.  For years now we have been use to paying over $4 per gallon ouch!  It hurt and hurt and hurt and hurt!  Now you expect us to immediately do a turn around and start buying more quickly!  Give us a break because we NEED it!  Time for YOU guys to shut up and let us get use to these new low prices which we use to be use to years and years ago!

Thanksgiving is coming up, then Christmas!  Wow, to be able to have more money in the pocket book to go shopping and drive farther.  How nice!  So please don’t pour cold water on this blessing of low gas prices!  We are tired of hurting!


Oil price tumbles on Saudi price cut. Big Oil feels a pinch. (+video)

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