Here’s how the haters do it!

Here’s how the haters do it!

They take something, anything, or anybody! Let say for example, a beautiful song. Something we can all agree on that is beautiful, if it’s a beautiful song! Many would agree it’s a beautiful song, but some might prefer to not agree that it’s a beautiful song! Whatever! Let’s just use it as an example! OR we could use something else, or someone else!

So the song is a beautiful song. Or whatever we are using as the example is beautiful!

Let’s just say, let’s use something good! They are the great USERS, so it’s hard for me to use. But if we are going to use an example, that’s okay!

The color red is beautiful! Let’s simplify and use this!

Let’s say, I say “The color red is beautiful!”

They turn it into “you hate red!” I didn’t say I hate red, I said the color red is beautiful! That doesn’t mater they see that I said the word red and turn it into I hate red, when I didn’t say that at all!

Are you getting the picture?

Also, there’s more!

They turn it into “you hate black!” Because I failed to say I love black when I said red is beautiful! LOL I didn’t say I hate black! Black has nothing to do with it! They say! See there! Black has nothing to do with it, you say, that proves you hate black! OMG! This is their thinking!