You are an intercessor

When you are out and about, driving down the street and see suffering, like homelessness, or someone having to walk in the hot sun because you know they don’t have an air conditioned car, like you, do you “feel” for them, have compassion and seem to cry out to God on their behalf, because you know it’s the only thing you can do, the best, and quickest thing you can do for them!  You are an intercessor!

Do these things happen multiple times a day, every day?  You are an intercessor!  Keep praying!  Don’t ever stop!  

You see, you are the heaven connection between them and God, giving Him the ability to move on their behalf.  He can begin to rearrange things in their lives and the lives of others, so they can get the help they might need!  Prayer turns into practical, living solutions!

Don’t ever let the haters of “thoughts and prayers” stop you from praying!  Bind the devil continually.  He is constantly on the move roaming about AS a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour!  You can be the roadblock to his destruction in the lives of many!

Thank you!