Russian Terror! Speak Out and You’ll Get This!

State Terror! Government backed death squads!

So this is how Russia deals with their activists!  Shot twice in the head at close range this single mom Natalya Estemirova is  one of seven Ramzan Kdyrov’s opponents to have been murdered in the past ten months.    Hours before she died, Natalya’s activist organization held a press conference that called for Mr Putin’s prosecution before an international criminal court.

Anna Politkovskaya who was also murdered was a close friend.

She’s Gone Fishin’

Sarah Palin Gone Fishin'

Sarah Palin has gone fishin’ !  I hope she has a great time and catches lots of sea kittens.  She’s a good story for mainstream media ever since she came on the scene when chosen as Vice Presidential running mate with John McCain.  She and her family have been ripped apart by the idiots and now it’s just a continuation of the feeding frenzy .  Just listen to this montage of opinions from a CBS news video.  They even threw in a pic/clip of Carl Rove to add to their twisted spin attack against Sarah Palin to make it look like us conservatives are now against her.  Obviously they are too bent on keeping their ever so popular dog style attack media going.

Click on this link for the story and watch the CBS  news video