Future solution to “not conservative enough” excuse #NeverTrump

If the #GOP and top #Conservative #NeverTrump people are having a problem with #Trump here are some tips to a solution for the future! You if …. you are the ones in charge of the #GOP i.e. YOU make the #rules, etc. Then you need to get together and draw up a precise plan and precise guidelines for future candidates that desire to make the #GOP their choice to run under as opposed to #Democrat!

You should under no more circumstances be so undisciplined by having no exact guidelines for candidates to fall under. This is YOUR fault! How are candidates suppose to know exactly what exactly you …YOU the owners of the #GOP expect! You make it extremely difficult. Are we suppose to guess?

Also you need to tell all candidates, not just the ones you like, what the rules are for delegates so it doesn’t seem like it is rigged because that’s what it is if you do NOT tell all candidates ahead of time.

If you don’t do these things I have mentioned in the above statements then you all are lying, cheating, stealing and the ONLY ones to blame if a candidate does not know what you are talking about when you say “Not conservative enough”!

She’s Gone Fishin’

Sarah Palin Gone Fishin'

Sarah Palin has gone fishin’ !  I hope she has a great time and catches lots of sea kittens.  She’s a good story for mainstream media ever since she came on the scene when chosen as Vice Presidential running mate with John McCain.  She and her family have been ripped apart by the idiots and now it’s just a continuation of the feeding frenzy .  Just listen to this montage of opinions from a CBS news video.  They even threw in a pic/clip of Carl Rove to add to their twisted spin attack against Sarah Palin to make it look like us conservatives are now against her.  Obviously they are too bent on keeping their ever so popular dog style attack media going.

Click on this link for the story and watch the CBS  news video