Good morning!

Photo by Geran de Klerk from Pexels

Good morning! I need to start checking in somewhere and say hi and so people can find me in one place. That may be a miracle, because I know, I’m all over the place LOL. That is just the way it is and I try not to fight it as you might see! So maybe this is the first day on a new thing!

Well, first of all you can find me over at Twitter where I post and retweet the latest news and Twitter posts. I post and retweet a LOT of Periscopes from around the world and here in our United States of America. I also post or retweet as much breaking news as possible. Sometimes that may be a little late, and maybe even a day late, but I am assuming you all get breaking news on your own. So I do as much as possible trying to get not only conservative news and updates as possible on what I think is important but also regular news that we use to see on mainstream media before they have been so political.

Hopefully things will balance out and we can get back to enjoying more of life while expressing ourselves and own views. I think it’s important that we talk more and express ourselves in life, WITHOUT VIOLENCE, as much as we want. Social media is the best place to do that! But without the threat of being shadow banned, censored, deleted and completely banished off social media, income streams and the horrible feeling of not knowing if I’m next. Do you know what I mean!

Expressing ourselves should not be turned into a perception that someone hates someone and then use it to call people racists or any of those other awful words that many use, make up that someone is something but they really are not! OMG it’s exhausting! But let’s all hang in there, here, and have the best life we can while fighting for what we believe if we want! Life is too short! We need to get one! I love you!

I am also attempting to get better at Periscope producer myself and be on there more and try to get to know people and us talk about things and also take prayer requests. Bottom line for me is that I am a prayer warrior so am actually always praying, yes, while living and doing. YOU can too! And I hope more people pray more and fight less! Just know I am always praying for YOU for good!

Leave a comment here or where ever you find me on the social media! God bless and have an amazing day! Be safe, healthy/healed, every need met! Love, Wandafay!