Obama’s Whitehouse Threatens Democratic Consultant To Not Appear On Fox News Ever Again!


Obama and his thugs are running our country! Could it ever be possible that Democrats who put Obama on a pedestal and voted him in could ever get a clue of why we were raging against the evil entity called Obama and his so called “hope and change”? Obama’s passifistic stance on the war; along with taking his sweet time producing what the General asked for in Afghanistan is getting our men and women in uniform killed not only abroad in the war but right here in our own country! And now Obama and his White House thugs call and threatens one of their own! The message was, ” ‘We better not see you on again,’ ” said the strategist, who spoke on condition of anonymity so as not to run afoul of the White House.
Do you get it now? Wake up America! Yes, thank God we can vote for whosoever! But that doesn’t mean we have to vote for a FASCIST. Did you not see it Christian who voted for obama? Did you not discern it? Wake up! Jesus even said if it were possible and now we know it is possible that even the elect would be fooled!
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Democratic consultant says he got a warning from White House after appearing on Fox News