My thoughts on the movie massacre

I wasn’t there so I don’t know the horror and reality of knowing you were just going to a Friday midnight movie with expectation of excitement.  I love movies but use to love them more.  The anticipation of getting ready to watch a movie I have been so excited about seeing would have been so fun.  Lights go down, previews are over the real deal is here.  Two or more hours of crawling into an blockbuster.  That aaah feeling.  You’re so relaxed, yet so on edge.

Then all of a sudden something happens that you could take as part of the movie.  A prank?  No something is happening that is so sinister it’s unbelievable. 

Soon you begin to realize we are at the movies but we are not at the movies.  This is real life and we are in it, living.  Smoke fills the room, coughing, eyes watering, the smell.  What is it.  OMG this is not fiction.  Shots fired, rapid shots fired.  People begin to scream.  Wake up!  Get the hell out of here.  People are falling, people are dying. 

Quickly within seconds and minutes from when the movie began you begin to see visible holes in people from gun shot wounds.  Everybody panics, runs, the shooter there…fear…terror sets in.  Complete terror and a paralyzing confusing fear of unbelievable proportions consumes your entire being.  Blood everywhere….all over people, their faces, many on the floor, on their clothes, arms, legs, shoes, the floor, the movie furniture. 

When is this nightmare horror film going to end.  I hurt, the sting, the pain, wet.  I touch my wound.  I didn’t even feel the bullet go in.  Now blood all over me.  My blood.  Will I die.  Am I ready?  Is there really an eternity…a heaven…a hell.  My life flashed before my face quickly.  Forgive me Lord for all my sins.  I believe you do have a Son named Jesus I had heard about so many times in my life.  Come into my life.  Jesus you ARE Lord.  Have mercy on me a sinner.  Dear God help these other people.  How can I help.  I try.  Is it over. 

Did he quit.  Silence.  Peace.  Peace that passes all understanding.  I’ve been spared.  I am bleeding but I’m not dead.  I apply pressure to my wound.  Keep the pressure there.  Help someone else.  Paramedics and police have arrived.  Heroes…such heroes.  Many died I hear later…..12. 

There were 12 disciples.  Now 12 angels that Jesus has received.  I hope they were all saved.  I have to have faith.  My job is not to judge.  They could have said the prayer just like me ….the prayer of faith in God and Jesus right before their spirit left their body.  Who am I to judge.  I pray for their families that super naturally comfort that only God can give. 

Batman meet Jesus my new hero.

Love, Wandafay

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