In Remembrance of Our Country and Those Who Suffered and Died from Islamic Terrorist attack on 9/11

911 TruthNever forget!  Never forget that our country was attacked by Islamic terrorists eight years ago.  We must NEVER FORGET the horror was done by Islamic terrorists.  This is still a Christian nation and this is not a Muslim nation.  Two days ago on Wednesday September 9 the man occupying the Whitehouse gave a speech to the American people on prime time television from a joint congressional meeting on The Hill.

People were upset that one of our congressmen yelled out during that speech “you lie”; but forget all the discusting irreverance from Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats toward President Bush when he spoke from the very same  hall of congress. Her pursed lips each time he spoke as she sat behind him was irreverant.

911 American Flag

Now on this day of remembrance the language since obama has come to occupy the office of the Presidency has changed.  Terrorism is no longer an allowable word.  Obama has appologized for America in other nations.  What disrespect to our great nation and the heroes who died fighting for our freedom and freedom in other countries.  Obama and the Democrats just don’t get it.

Payback is a Bitch-2

I did not want to make this a day of politics but I cannot leave the memory of 9-11 in the hands of Democrats who are pulling the wool over America’s eyes in every way heading us toward a more socialistic country.  Nationalized health care will not help.  So  today in honor of our freedom and liberty I said what I wanted to say.  In honor of our Constitution I speak.

In Remembrance of Our Country and Those Who Suffered and Died from Islamic Terrorist attack on 9/11.  God bless America!  God bless the troops who are out there fighting for our freedom from Islamic terrorism.

Wanda Fay Gladwill

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