America, where are you?

Over the past few days starting last week, the January 6 Committee have dominated the news

There is a verse in the Bible about turning over so-and-so to the devil THAT their soul will be saved in the day of judgment! Believe it or not, God’s ultimate desire for all of us is that we be saved and receive eternal LIFE through Jesus Christ! I understand some verses are strictly for the strictest situations, and I will not get into the details of this at this time. Believe it or not, when someone is so bad, so evil, so impossible, God has solutions, and it’s as if things begin to turn around immediately. But, it’s also important for people to not get into witchcraft with their prayers and/or their prophecies. So be careful!

There are other prayers one can pray that indicate one will simply turn things over to God and when you’ve done all, to stand! Stand, therefore, stand!

I am thinking of the political situation we have been through over the past several years. I don’t want to get into it here, but I have had it and can no longer participate to a degree. Furthermore, I have fought the good fight! I believe what I believe and others believe what they believe.

But, I will never give up the idea that the original coup and insurrection of people at the very highest level against President Trump has not yet been exposed and dealt with as it should. Those who are in charge refuse to allow the truth of the entire matter to surface. But God knows every bit of truth about it all. I as a human can’t fathom the twistedness of the evil and sinister attempts that continue to this very day. America, where are you?

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