In the day of false accusations and ruined lives!

Oregon man falsely accused by Target employee of having child porn dies of heart attack! @NBCNews

In the day of false accusations and ruined lives, this man falsely accused died of a heart attack.  His life ripped apart, his neighbors alerted.  Think of the stress and heartbreak of being falsely accused.

Our President and those around him on his campaign have been falsely accused!  Some side affects of the investigations found that some people who signed on to the campaign were found guilty of other things unrelated to Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign.  The Mueller report said that no American was found guilty of the things the campaign and President Trump was being accused of.  Still to this day people are reeling from the false accusation.  The hate continues.

Congress will be returning this week to their hope for impeaching our President.  It never ends!  This story is so extremely sad for this man and his family!  Little FBI wanna bees working at Target decided after the man brought his phone in for help was falsely accused and life ripped apart!  People need to get a life and mind their own business!  If you’re going to accuse someone of something you better darn well be sure it’s true if at all possible!  And think of the repercussions on someone’s life if you’re wrong! 

We now have people wanting to make lists of Trump supporters and not work with them in Hollywood.  We have people trying to make lists of Trump supporting businesses so their lives can be ruined!  It’s disgusting!  It’s wrong!  It’s sending a psychologically confusing message to our youth!  It ripping hope and faith out of people.  It’s destroying lives and the love in our country we use to share!  The lie that Trump is repulsive and evil and other names they call him are all false.  But writing this won’t necessarily change hearts and minds!  I pray for the family of this dear man!  I pray for our country!  I pray for our world!

“But a review by the FBI and an independent forensics expert determined that Buckmeyer never had any child pornography on any of his electronic devices, which were later returned to him.”  @NBCNEWS

“The accusation sparked an FBI investigation. Several months later, Buckmeyer died of a heart attack, the complaint says.”  @NBCNEWS

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